Scenes from the Movie

 When Arthur Wellington Moore, a.k.a. "The Sky Pilot," arrives in town, he goes to the saloon where he meets Bill. Bill helps him secure the use of the saloon for the Sunday morning worship service.

 When Bill disturbs the church service and refuses to leave, he and the new preacher fight.

 Bill and the Sky Pilot become friends, so he takes the new preacher to his employer, Col. Ashley, to get him a temporary job as a ranch hand.

 The Duke talks the Old-Timer into helping him rustle cattle from Col. Ashley.

 The Sky Pilot wins the respect of the other ranch hands when he disarms a drunken cowboy who is shooting up the bunkhouse.

 The Sky Pilot first meets Gwen, the old timer's daughter, when she rescues him from drowning in the river.

 When the Old-Timer and Gwen find out Moore is a preacher, they order him to leave their house. The Old-Timer has been bitter toward God ever since he lost his wife.

 The Sky Pilot rescues Gwen from a cattle stampede, but she was paralyzed when she fell from her horse. The Old-Timer is heartbroken and will pray for his daughter's recovery.

 Gwen and her Indian helper find the Sky Pilot unconscious in the snow after he is attacked by the Duke's men.

 The church is set on fire during the very first service.

 "It was the Duke and his gang - they made me do it!"

 To get revenge, Bill and his men burn down the saloon.

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