Scenes from the Movie

 Count Rodrigo Torriani intercedes for American tourist Jack Dorning when an angry father mistakes him for his daughter's lover.

 Jack introduces Rodrigo to Mary Drake, Jack's secretary in his New York antiques business.

 Jack asks Rodrigo to authenticate an antique vase brought in my Mrs. Palmer. She is taken with Rodrigo and suggests he meet her niece.

  Rodrigo meets Mrs. Palmer's niece, Elise, at a nightclub.

  Jack "pays off" one of Rodrigo's "affairs."

  Mary seems disturbed when Rodrigo tells her Jack has married Elise.

  Elise warns Mary that Rodrigo is not the type of man to "care deeply" for any one person.

  Jack is going out of town and suggests that Rodrigo take Elise to the concert. Rodrigo declines saying he will be working late at the office.

  Elise returns late that evening to the office to seduce Rodrigo.

  Elise cannot be found, so Rodrigo comforts Jack.

  Jack says he knows that Elise has been pursuing Rodrigo.

  Rodrigo reluctantly leads Mary to believe he has not changed by making up a recent romantic interest.

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