Scenes from the movie

 The astrologer warns King Louis XI against war with Burgundy.

 Villon is crowned King of Fools.

 Villon rescues Charlotte from Count Thibault and takes her to his mother's home.

 Villon's mother assumes, incorrectly, that Charlotte is Villon's fiancée.

 The King's barber warns him that the marriage of Count Thibault and Charlotte of Vauxcelle will give the Duke of Burgundy "one foot in Paris."

 Villon tells the superstitious King, "My death is appointed 24 hours before your own."

 "Charlotte of Vauxcelles may not marry a man without lands and a great name."

 Villon is tortured and suspended in a small cage outside Charlotte's tower window.

 The King comes to Villon's rescue.

 "Your pen has done more for France than any sword," the King tells Villon.

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