Scenes from the movie

 Chang Low has apparently convinced "Silent" Madden and his daughter, Molly, to give up their lives of crime.

  "Black Mike" Sylva plots with "Dapper" Bill Ballard to frame Madden for a crime which will turn Molly against the law. Then it will be easy to convince her to help them
"turn a trick" to steal some jewels.

  Although Madden is shot in the crossfire of a street fight, "Black Mike" has arranged to have Madden blamed for shooting a cop.

  Convinced that "going straight" is fruitless, Molly agrees to help "Black Mike" and Bill with a "trick."

  Bill steals the jewels while Molly keeps a lookout.

  Molly and Bill must hide out in an apartment until things "cool down."

  A neighbor's kid wins Bill's heart.

  Bill tries to convince Molly they should return the jewels and "go straight."

  Just as they are about to return the jewels, "Black Mike" finds their apartment.

  Bill and "Black Mike" fight.

  A detective also finds them in their apartment, but Molly is able to "get the drop" on him.

  Molly and Bill manage to escape back to Chang Low's, but "Black Mike" and his gang follow them there. A gun battle and fight ensue. Ah Wing fires at "Black Mike" as he and Bill battle on a balcony.

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