Scenes from the Movie

 A picture of the perfect family - eveyone's excited over Mother's birthday party.

 Marie hysterically tells Judson to get the mouse out of her apartment.

 Marie "faints" after the mouse episode, and, of course, must be revived by Judson.

 Mother and the children accidentally see Judson and Marie at a night club.

Mother pleads with Judson not to go out again with "that woman."

 Ruth saves her mother from jumping off the top of the building.

Ruth threatens to shoot Marie if she doesn't leave her father alone.

 Babe makes a "play" for Ruth.

 Marie is furious after catching Babe and Ruth together.

Judson overhears Marie refer to him as "that old sap."

Marie and Babe make up after their fight.

 Judson tells his wife he's learned a "bitter, bitter lesson."

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