Scenes from the Movie

  After putting on his first pair of long pants, Harry stands in front of the mirror and dreams of holding a girl in his arms.

 City siren Bebe Blair has a flat tire in front of Harry's house. He rides around her limousine and performs tricks on his bicycle to impress her.

 Harry feels the only way he can get out of his marriage to Priscilla is to kill her, so he sneaks around to her window to invite her for a "walk" in the woods.

 Before Harry can shoot Priscilla, he accidentally knocks his hat down over his eyes, falls into a bunch of loose barbed wire, gets tangled up in his suspenders and gets his foot stuck in a bear trap.

 Later, in the city, he is able to spirit Bebe away from the jail undetected by hiding her in a large shipping box.

  Harry thinks this man is being very generous by giving him all his money and valuables. What he doesn't realize is that Bebe has a gun in the man's side, and this is a hold-up!

  Harry has watched incredulously as Bebe beats up the girl who "squealed" on her to the cops.

  After the fight, Harry decides he doesn't care for Bebe anymore and tells her goodbye.

  Before Harry can leave, Bebe gets in a gun fight with the boyfriend of the girl she just beat up. Harry holds his wounded arm as the room becomes filled with people in the aftermath of the fight.

 Harry is released from jail after the trouble at the nightclub.

  When Harry returns home, he finds Priscilla, his mother and father saying grace at the table. He slips in and sits down to join them although they don't realize he's there.

 Priscilla and the family welcome back a repentent, and more experienced, Harry.

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