Johnny comes to visit Annabelle, but two admiring little boys follow him into the house and "cramp his style."


 Union soldiers have stolen Johnny's beloved "General" with Annabelle on board. In pursuit, he surveys the countryside for the fleeing train.

 Johnny gives a puzzled look when a boxcar that was in front of him has suddenly disappeared.


 Annabelle is a captive in the house where the Union generals are meeting to plan the attack at the Rock River Bridge.


Johnny scoffed at Annabelle when she tied a rope between two flimsy pine trees to delay their pursuers. However, it worked better than expected as the small trees got tangled up in the wheels of the Union soldiers' engine. 


Johnny stops to get water for his train. (Marion Mack said in later years that the sudden rush of water from the water tank which knocked her down in this scene was not in the script and a total surprise to her.)


The Union soldiers are about to connect their train to the boxcar on Johnny's train, but Johnny won't be overtaken that easily. 


 Johnny and Annabelle warn the Southern forces of the impending attack at the Rock River Bridge.


 The movie's most famous scene - the Union General decides the bridge has not been burned enough to stop their train from crossing . . . mistake!!


 One example of the beautiful photography in this movie - soldiers advance through the woods with the rays of sunlight highlighted by the smoke from their guns.


 Fighting at the Rock River Bridge - battle scenes that would rival some of D.W. Griffith's best.


 After being made an officer for his heroism, Johnny strikes a pose for Annabelle.

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