Scenes from the movie


 Victor Grandet sends his pampered son, Charles, to live with his uncle, Pére, to keep him from finding out that he has lost his fortune. After his son leaves, Victor commits suicide.


 Eugenie Grandet is courted by the eligible bachelors in their small village, no doubt hoping to benefit from her father's wealth.


Charles and Eugenie fall in love, and her father arranges to send Charles away to separate the two. She gives the gold her father has been providing her on each of her birthdays to Charles knowing the fate that awaits her if her father finds out.


 Unknown to Eugenie, her father has been intercepting all of Charles' letters so she'll think he has forgotten her. He also sends Charles a letter that Eugenie is to marry someone else.


 Pére finds out that Eugenie has given away the gold to Charles and flies into an uncontrollable rage.


 Eugenie's mother was married once before, and, unknown to her, she has a right to claim that part of her father's fortune. To keep that from happening, her father tricks her into signing a release relinquishing any right she may have to the fortune.


 Pére's obsession with money eventually drives him insane, and he sees hands with long, bony fingers reaching out to him through the door and from his gold.


After years of separation, Charles and Eugenie are reunited.

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