Scenes from this silent movie

 After some of Booker's men steal Nasja's pinto, Nophaie takes him to Booker to complain. Booker says the men had to take the horse because it was sick and would infect the other horses. Nophaie insists the horse was not sick.

 Nophaie saw Marian pulling away from Booker and assures her he will always be there to help her.

 After the students have left for the day, Booker comes in the schoolroom and tries to force himself on Marian.

 Nophaie has run away after saving Marian from Booker's advances and fighting off several of his men. When Head Indian Agent Halliday confronts Booker about the incident, Booker explains, "Eh - eh - I came in here and found Miss Warner and the Indian - eh - together. I interfered - and the Indian attacked me" - as an appalled Marian listens to his lies.

 Captain Ramsdell has come to the settlement to procure horses from the Indians for the war, but, because of Booker's past actions, they are reluctant to cooperate. Marian tells him, "There is one way to get the horses, Captain Ramsdell. The Indians look up to and believe in one man - Nophaie. If he says the word, they'll bring in the horses."

 Nasja leads Marian to Nophaie who is in hiding after the incident with Booker. She has come to ask him to help get the horses for the army.

 "I have brought the horses as you asked, White Desert Rose. More, too. Since we are Americans, we go fight. Maybe if we fight . . . maybe if we die . . . our country will deal fairly with our people."

 After weeks of waitng, Nophaie finally brings the horses, and it's time for Ramsdell to leave. "Marian, it - it's been wonderful to know you! I - I'd like to feel that you'll be thinking of me - sometimes -"

 In the midst of battle, Nophaie risks his life to save Ramsdell and return him to the safety of the trenches.

 Nophaie and the other Indians return from the war only to find Booker is now in charge - and Booker has taken almost everything from the Indians so that almost all of them have moved away.

 Nophaie tries to talk the Indians out of attacking. "You must not go! Can't you see it would only bring suffering to ourselves?"

 The people of the settlement hide in their only stone building as the Indians attack. Nophaie is going outside to try and stop them.

Marian: "Nophaie, please, please don't go!"

Nophaie: "These are my people. They will not harm me."

 Nophaie lies dying in Marian's arms.

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