Scenes from the movie

 "I've got a rush order from London for a Brashingham to play Hamlet. The fact that you're a terrible actor doesn't make any difference. All I need is your name."

 "Young friend, my feet have faltered on these mad playboards of Life, but I can set yours straight. Let me be your teacher - tonight." Brashingham agrees, and this brief instruction turns out to be the reason for his eventual success on the stage.

 Gertie thinks she is about to get a marriage proposal, but instead . . . "Beloved little comrade of my struggling days, will you ---- will you lend me fifty dollars?"

"Gertie, girl, are you still thinking of that ham?"

 "Do you mean you haven't heard a word from Brashingham in the three months he's been gone?"

 Brashingham reveling in the admiration of his fans.

 John: "How would you like to throw plates at me for life?'

Gertie: "I'd love to!"

 Brashingham returns to the old boarding house and his surrounded by his former housemates.

 John finds Brashingham in Gertie's room.

 Physically thrown out of the boarding house, Brashingham gets up to brush himself off and suddenly realizes the newreel cameras have been turning the whole time.

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