Scenes from the movie

 The kindly factor Hector Mac Collins takes in Rose after she has lost her father and was rescued from the river by Mountie Michael Devlin.

Devlin is enamored with Rose.

 . . . yet Rose has become enamored with visiting railroad surveyor Bruce Norton.

Norton finally catches up with the man who lured his sister away from her husband and left her. They fight, and Norton accidentally shoots him. Norton is now considered a murderer and is being hunted by the Mounties.

 Rose doesn't know why, but the visiting Dr. Cusick is assisting her in finding Norton and helping him escape capture.

 Surprisingly, Rose finds Norton hiding in Mac Collins' basement.

Rose thinks she is caught returning Norton to the basement through the open trap door in the main room. To her relief, Devlin confesses he left the trap door open when he checked the basement just a few minutes before.

 While Dr. Cusick distracts the search party, Rose sneaks Norton out of the basement and to a cabin where a canoe awaits three miles away.

 While the other men in the search party head into the woods where Dr. Cusick claims to have seen Norton, an old man tells Devlin he saw a canoe loaded with food at the cabin three miles away.

 Devlin captures Norton, and Rose begs for his freedom.

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