Scenes from the movie

 A running, and charming, joke in the film. Sgt. O'Hara tells Norma, "You know, I've roamed . . ." and she breaks in each time to finish his sentence, " . . . the world over and you never saw a girl like me." Then they both laugh.

 Norma reluctantly goes for an afternoon ride with Burns which turns into a late evening ride because he won't take her home as she has asked. As he is driving, he grabs and kisses her - she fights to free herself from him, and he runs the car into a ditch.

 When she gets back to the base, she tells O'Hara, "I've met a lot of fresh ones in and out of the service, but he breaks all records!"

As Burns is about to ship out, he tells Norma, "If I wasn't the punkest Marine in the Corps I'd ask you something, Norma -- but I'm goin' to try hard to make good so I might have a chance with you some day."

 On the ship, he gets into a disagreement with a sailor. O'Hara arranges for them to settle their differences in the boxing ring. Burns leans over to O'Hara and says cockily, "Watch me sink the Navy." However, his cockiness disappears quickly when he hears the announcer identify his opponent as the heavyweight champion of the Navy!

 On Tondo Island, Burns disobeys orders and sneaks out to meet a native girl. This results in a fight with a large number of the natives requiring O'Hara and Corporal Madden to come to his rescue.

After defeating the natives, Burns is grateful for O'Hara's help and puts his hand out to shake O'Hara's. O'Hara looks down at his hand, then looks up and knocks Burns to the ground.

 Norma and Burns meet in Shanghai. However, Normas has heard about the incident on Tondo Island and tells Burns she wants nothing to do with him.

Convinced O'Hara has turned Norma against him, he confronts the sergeant. "Sergeant or no Sergeant . . . the time's over when you can double-cross me to set yourself in right!"

 In China, they must rescue Norma and her fellow nurses from a large groups of armed bandits. Burns and O'Hara fight side by side.

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