Scenes from the movie

 The happy family.

 Brooks confronts Daisy with an expensive dress he found in her dresser drawer.

 Daisy has been spending her evenings with Garlan and returning home in the morning before her husband arrives from his night shift.

Daisy tells her lover that her husband has discovered their affair.

 Wynne tells his wife he is being falsely accused of embezzlement at the bank. She responds unsympathetically, "I believe you are guilty!"

Brooks welcomes the new schoolmaster without realizing this is Garlan's son who is running from a bank embezzlement charge.

 "On his first day leaving for work, Alyssum has prepared a basket lunch for Wynne, who is now going by the name of John Wyatt.

 Alyssum tells Daddy she and John want to be married.

 "This man is charged with bank defaulting and bigamy."

 "Before going any further with this matter," says the Sheriff, "I'd like to know exactly when and where you and Wyatt were married." Alyssum replies while holding her baby in her arms, "I was never married to him."

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