Scenes from the movie

 "You don't know how much your friendship means to me, Miss Gertrude . . . most people haven't much use for cripples."

 Dilling is surprised when Gertrude introduces him to her fiancé.

 Dilling: "Mr. Hadley, are you all right with the bank?"
Hadley: "How dare you ask me a question like that! If that's all you have to say, I'm not interested."

Dilling watches as they remove Gertrude from the rubble of the bank blast that he caused.

 "Ten years ago I found myself entangled in a political graft . . . tricked by Ann Cardington . . . my signature on documents that would send me to prison. For Getrude's sake, I have paid for silence - paid and paid and paid - even with what was not mine to pay."

Dilling tries desperately to reach the safe where Queen Ann has documents that will send Hadley to prison - but his disability won't allow him to do it.

 Queen Ann and her gang have captured Dilling and Gertrude's fiance, Jack. They are coercing Jack into calling Gertrude, tell her Dilling has been in an accident, and trick her into coming to their lair. "Don't do it! God, man . . . don't let her get into their clutches!" Dilling pleads with Jack.

"Your father ruined my life -- he's been paying for it year by year! Thanks to Wilse Dilling, he got away from me - but through Wilse Dilling, I've got . . . you!"

 Dilling caught in the rubble during the earthquake.

 Gertrude is surprised when she sees that Dilling it now able to walk.

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