Scenes from the movie

 "Take heed, therefore! If ye sin, ye must pay -- there is no escape!"

 "It would be pleasant, sir, to walk beside thee and hear three condemn me for my sins."

 "I have told thee my thoughts -- thou dost say they are sinful - but, why? Why are we taught to be ashamed - of love?"

 "Another man's wife -- and in my heart, thou hast been my wife - my wife!"

 "Hester Prynne, I charge thee to speak out the name of thy fellow sinner."

 "We have decided thy child shall be taken from thee and brought up by a Christian woman."

 "Go for the minister! Tell him my child is dying!"

 "Hester Prynne! Who's the father of this child?"

 "The ship that takes Hester and thee away, takes me! Dost thou think thou shalt ever find happiness? I shall always follow thee!"

 "Believe him not! His mind is unbalanced by his illness! He accuses himself falsely!"

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