Scenes from the movie

Scarsi: "Take a tip, Mac. Change your racket."
McQuigg: "I like my racket."

 When Scarsi gets mad at Helen for flirting with his kid brother . . .

Helen: "You can get away with murder, but you can't pull that stuff on me!"
Scarsi: "Lay off this kid, you dirty little gold digger! He's not in the racket - and he's not going to be!"

  At the nightclub, McQuigg delights in telling Scarsi that his right-hand man, Chick, won't be coming - he's in jail. At that moment, to McQuigg's surprise, Chick walks up with a very smug look on his face. Scarsi can't help but laugh. "All right, Nick. That's a horse on me." says McQuigg.

Nick is arrested for the murder of his rival, Spike, in the nightclub. However, as soon as they reach the police station, Nick's lawyer is waiting with a release for him signed by the judge.

Nick's connections in city hall get McQuigg assigned to a small burg on the outskirts of the city. When one of the reporters questions if he's scared of Scarsi, McQuigg angrily tells the reporters, "I'm here because Nick's afraid of me. Find him. Tell him. Tell him I told you so."

  "I'm not afraid of anybody. I'm laying off of McQuigg until after the election! So, if you see that copper, tell him that!" Scarsi tells the reporters.

 Although McQuigg doesn't realize it's Nick's little brother -- Joe, is arrested for hit and run in McQuigg's little burg.

 Helen tells him to shut up, but Ames, a cub reporter, goes ahead and tells McQuigg that the man he has arrested is Scarsi's brother.

  Nick encounters the policeman who arrested his brother. The policeman doesn't know this is Nick Scarsi.

 When Nick is also arrested, he tells the District Attorney, "You don't win this election unless I get out tonight!"

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