Scenes from the movie

 .Sally kisses Henry's finger that he hurt while fixing a tire. What she doesn't know is her fiancé, Sheriff Bob Wells, is watching them.

On their way to Tuscon, Henry's flivver runs out of gas. Sally uses the opportunity to get closer to Henry.

Henry holds the Underwoods at bay with his wrench (they think it's a gun!) while Sally siphons gas from their car.

Not wanting to give their real names at the ranch, Henry tells McNab his name is "Henry Ford," and Sally proclaims, "I'm his wife, Lizzie!"

 Mort takes a liking to Sally - and Henry interferes only because his nerves can't handle the noise.

 Sally and Henry didn't realize the ranch they used as a stopover to Tuscon is owned by the Underwoods whom they robbed in the desert. Sally stays in the kitchen cooking while Henry poses as a servant.

 To protect Henry from being found by Wells, Sally tells him that Henry was killed by bandits.

 Henry can't find his tire that McNab hid from him, so he and Mort decide to substitute a wagon wheel on Henry's flivver.

 "They claim they're married . . . but she ain't wearin' no wedding ring!"

 Sally and Henry are being chased by everyone else along the treacherous mountain roads and don't realize the wagon wheel Henry used to replace his tire is edging in and out of the axle.


Only one thing that scares Bob Wells - thunder and lightning. Thankfully a storm comes up just as he is about to string Henry up!

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