Scenes from the movie

 At a party thrown by Harvey and Druid, Harvey's girlfriend, Doris, proudly displays an expensive necklace he bought her - with money he embezzled from his employer.

 When a policeman arrives at the party, Harvey assumes the lawman is after him. "Please don't let them take me, Druid! Please don't let them arrest me!"

"A pretty woman can usually find a way to shield a man from his sins. You came here to save your husband . . . from 15 years in prison!" 

 Kimball: "Won't you ever relent, Druid?"
Druid: "It was our bargain, John, that I need not relent . . . unless I do so willingly."

 While Druid and John are out at a restaurant, for the first time, she sees that Harvey is having an affair with another woman."

 Druid finally agrees to go to John's apartment one evening, but then decides against it. Then a phone call comes from Harvey.
Harvey: " . . . so I won't be home until late."
Druid: Please, Harvey . . . please, won't you come home tonight?"
Harvey: "I said I won't be home until late! Goodbye!"


 "I don't know what you've done to me, Druid. For the first time in my life I'm really serious . . . sincere. I love you, Druid . . . I love you!"

 Harvey finds Druid at John's apartment and pulls a gun on her.

 Harvey shows Druid a $5,000 check John has given him. "But he's paid, my dear wife, paid for what he's won!"

 Druid pretends that she's happy about the way things have turned out, and gets very romantic with Harvey. He doesn't know, however, that she plans to ensure he never is able to cash that $5,000 check.

 Harvey had called Doris earlier thinking Druid would not be there. However, Druid does come home and succeeds in wresting the check from Harvey. She shows Doris the check and says, "He sold me for this! Now he wants to buy you with it!"

 All's well that ends well!

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