Scenes from the movie

 Pearl is saved at the last minute from being crushed by a large vat of molten steel.

 The Hooded Terror corners Pearl in the darkroom.

 Pearl holds a gun on Gresham thinking he is the Hooded Terror!

 Patch Eye Pete tells Pearl, "Put 5000 dollars in my hand and you'll have the name of the murderer."

 Pearl escapes from the Hooded Terror by walking the clothesline strung between two buildings.

 Pearl poses as a "good time girl" to go into a local bar and find out more about the Hooded Terror. However, she doesn't realize she's talking to one of his henchmen.

 Haynes tells Naomi, "Our work is getting easier. Gresham has been killed."

 Pearl dangles above a fiery pit wit the Hooded Terror only feet away trying to make her drop into the flames.

Pearl is only inches away from death as a conveyor belt takes her toward a cotton pulverizer.

 Pearl and Gresham are captive on a rocky island. Gresham pretends to make love to his female captor to get her gun while Pearl is also using her feminine wiles to escape her male captor.

 One of the Hooded Terror's gang poses as Gresham's nurse and plans to substitute poison for his medicine.

Plans were made to substitute Pearl for a death row inmate who looked just like her. Now it appears Pearl is about to be executed. 

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