Scenes from the movie

 "Granddaddy - why didn't you come to me? Omar had the most dreadful fits, and when you didn't come to me - I had hysterics!"

 Amy's grandfather, Alexander Guthrie, wants her to take a trip to England with him. Her father arrives, and she wants to go live with him while he writes his book in the slums. Guthrie asks Amy's father, "Have you influenced Amy against me?"

 After the initial shock of relocating from a life of luxury to a life in the slums, Amy takes her father's advice to act and dress like the people there if she wants to get along with them. Shooting craps with some of the young boys in the neighborhood is one way she fits in.

 In the alley between the two apartment buildings, the locals entertain themselves taking turns dancing to the organ grinder's music. Amy and Dish improvise a dance that brings the applause of everyone there.

 When Amy learns of a family living in squalor with no money, the mother sick, and children hungry, she goes to Peter Cooper, for help. Cooper is a mysterious man who moved into the neighborhood recently and obviously has money. What Amy doesn't know is that Peter Cooper is really her grandfather, Alexander Guthrie, in disguise. He has come to the neighborhood to see first-hand how Amy's new surroundings are affecting her, and he's not pleased.

 Amy is determined to bring the feuding Jewish Abram Isaacs and Irishman Pat O'Shaughnessy together and finally, through trickery, succeeds.

 Mary is enamored with William Turner. Turner apparently has a secret. He writes about his unjust imprisonment in the penitentiary and how he plans to prove his innocence. He hides his notes in a secret compartment in is artist's table.

 Amy: "I saw a sneak thief in your apartment."

Turner: "Not a thief, but an agent of Alexander Guthrie."

 Amy and Turner are caught breaking into her grandfather's house.

. . . and they lived happily ever after!

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