Scenes from the movie

In Argentina, Jaime beats up three bandits who are about to stop Helen and her father and rob them. Jaime emerges from below the bridge covered in mud, and they think he is a bandit. The ruse amuses him, so he pretends not to understand English and, through pantomime, offers to return their money for a kiss from Helen.

 Three upperclassmen tell Jaime that all freshmen must ride the freshman bus from the train depot to the campus and direct him to a patrol wagon. Jaime falls for the trick. When he emerges from the patrol wagon at the police station, he tries to convince the detective there has been a mistake, and the detective replies, "Lissen, Handsome. A guy like me never makes no mistakes."

  Jaime jumps in Helen's car to escape the detective; however, Helen has no idea this is the "bandit" she kissed Argentina.

As Helen tries to convince the detective that Jaime is not in her house, Jaime, in the highback chair behind her, reaches through her arm to hand her a note --- which looks rather strangely like her arm to the detective.

Jaime tries to elude the detective by posing as a moving man and carrying a large chaise over his head. When the detective offers to help him move it, it's Jaime's chance to escape.

  Jaime appears to be having an easy time defeating the heavyweight champ for the title, but he makes a mistake by turning his back to speak to Helen when he knocks the champ down. Before he can be counted out, the champ gets up and KO's Jaime when he's not looking.

 After his embarrassing loss in the ring, Jaime decides to quit Yale and go back to Argentina. Helen's father tries to convince him to stay and comes up with an idea. "Did it ever occur to you that everyone loves a football player - no matter how dumb he is?" to which Jaime replies, "Do you really think I'm dumb enough?"

  Jaime should be in bed the night before the big game. However, he learns that Jack, who has been drinking entirely too much, is about to elope with a "gold digger" and goes to the night club to try and save Helen's brother from this big mistake.

  If Jaime had not gone to help Helen's brother out of a ill-fated marriage, he wouldn't have gotten in a car accident and ended up in the hospital on the day of the game with the detective standing guard over him.

 After making the game-winning touchdown, Jaime collapses from his accident injuries. Jack and Helen beg the detective to let him ride in the ambulance, but the detective says, "No!" He will take Jaime to the hospital in the patrol wagon.

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