Scenes from the movie

 As a little girl, Nellie witnesses a murder.

 Jimmie happens upon Nellie's wagon just as Nellie's

mother has passed away.

 After the death of her mother, the Hiltons take Nellie in.

 Jimmie steals a kiss from Nellie, and Nellie acts

as if she is indignant over the gesture.

 When the Hiltons hit on financial hard times,

Nellie tells Mrs. Hilton, "Missy, I'll hire out. I mustn't

be a burden on you any longer."

John, Jimmie's older brother, in a tearful goodbye

with his mother as he heads off to war.

 John drowns when his sub must make an emergency dive,

and he can't get to the hatch in time.

 Nellie tries to comfort Mrs. Hilton when the telegram

arrives announcing John's death.

 Jimmie tells Nellie goodbye as she leaves to go and live

with the Cains as their live-in housekeeper.

 Mrs. Cain: "I might have to use this whip."
Nellie: "Not on me, Missy. I'll be an awful good girl."

 Mrs. Cain beats Nellie.

 The Hiltons discover oil on their property.

The Cains try to kill Nellie when she suddenly realizes

they are the murderers she saw when she was a little girl.

The wealthy Hiltons and a happy couple.

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