Scenes from the movie

Cedric Errol (soon to become Little Lord Fauntleroy) kisses his mother (in this famous double exposure where Mary Pickford plays both parts).

 The Earl of Dorincourt's attorney informs Cedric that he is sole heir of the Earl of Dorincourt in England and will soon go to England to join his grandfather as Lord Fauntleroy. He gives Cedric some money as an indication of the wealth to come.

 Cedric's friends, Dick, the bootblack, Hobbs, the grocer, and Mrs. McGinty, the applewoman, are all sad when they learn that Cedric will be leaving to live in England.

 "His Lordship is a man of strange prejudices," the attorney tells Fauntleroy's mother. "He has made the unpleasant stipulation that you are to live in the Lodge Cottage while Lord Fauntleroy is to stay at the Castle."

 Lord Fauntleroy meets his grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, for the first time. The Earl asks him, "Do you think you are going to like me?" to which Fauntleroy answers, "Yes, sir, I'm sure of it!"

 Fauntleroy has brought in a large number of poor children from the Earl's tenant farms for a good meal. However, Havisham tells him, "I beg your pardon, my Lord, but I fear his Lordship, your grandfather, would not approve our serving these . . . these tenants." When Fauntleroy pleads to his grandfather on behalf of the children, the Earl tells him to instruct Havisham to do whatever he feels is necessary for the children and their sick mother.

 Fauntleroy overhears the attorney tell Dorincourt that Fauntleroy may not be his immediate heir. It appears his eldest son had been secretly married to a woman and had a son. Fauntleroy asks his grandfather, "Grand-daddy Earl, can't I be your little boy any more?" Having grown very attached to the little boy, Dorincourt replies emphatically, "As long as I live!"

 Back in New York, Fauntleroy's friends read in the newspaper that he is not the heir and will be returning to New York with his mother. They decide to do something about it!

 When the woman comes to Dorincourt claiming to be the mother of the rightful heir, Dorincourt angrily tells her, " . . . you, come with your ugly offspring, come here like vultures to wait for me to die! But, by heavens! I won't die . . . to spite you!"

 Dick, the bootblack, along with Hobbs and Mrs. McGinty, come to England ­ and bring with them the REAL father of the boy who is claiming to be the rightful heir. The attorney listens as Dick tells how this new claim is a fraud.

 When Dorincourt asks Fauntleroy's mother to now come live with them in the Castle, she asks, "Are you quite sure you want me?" to which he replies, "We have always wanted you but were not exactly aware of it."

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