Scenes from the movie

 Tustine berates his young daughter for picking a few stalks of wheat.

Lem goes to the city to sell his family's wheat. When he meets Kate in a restaurant, a romance blossoms.

 Lem tries to introduce his new bride to his father. The father ignores Kate, only interested in finding out from Lem how much he got for the wheat.

Kate: "I'm going to make a man of Lem Tustine in spite of you! And if you think he'll let me go away without him . . . think again!"

Tustine: "I'm master here! My son does what I say . . . and so will you!"

 After being struck by Lem's father, Kate is hurt and angry because Lem would not confront his father about the incident. When the harvesters come, the foreman, Mac, takes a particular interest in Kate.

 Lem has been sleeping in the barn loft with the other harvesters. He finally goes into Kate's room one evening. "Kate . . . we can't go on like this."

 Still determined to shun Lem, she runs from the room in her slip not realizing that Mac is standing in the next room.

 Lem's father walks in and hears Mac try to get Kate to go away with him. "I always knew you wasn't a good woman. I'm going to find Lem now . . . and tell him what kind of wife he's got." Kate begs him to no avail.

 Lem and Mac fight on a runaway wagon.

 "Remember when we first came along this road . . . how happy we were?"

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