Scenes from the movie

 Lord Portenous and Lady Catherine (who is married to Lord Cheney) engage in a secret tryst in their younger days.

 Thirty years later, Teddy and Elizabeth (who is married to Arnold Cheney) have a secret rendezvous.

 Elizabeth has asked Lord Portenous and Lady Catherine to come visit for two reasons - Lady Catherine has not seen her son (Arnold) in 30 years, and Elizabeth wants to see if their runaway love has stood the years before she makes up her mind to run away with Teddy. Unfortunately, Lord Cheney was supposed to be in London, but suddenly appears with his gun announcing, "Never felt so keen on shooting in my life as I do today!".

Lord Cheney asks Elizabeth, "Tell me. . . why did Arnold look exactly like a dose of castor oil when I walked in?"

 It seems someone keeps walking in the room when Teddy and Elizabeth are trying to steal a moment together. Pretending he's getting a splinter from her finger doesn't fool anyone.

 The somewhat ditzy Lady Catherine walks right past her real son, Arnold, and embraces Teddy saying, "Arnold, my son! I should have known you anywhere!"

 Eugenie Besserer has the best part in the production as the elderly Lady Catherine - and the best lines. Spotting Lord Cheney across the room, she says, "It's he! My original husband! What a moment for you, Clive! You are overjoyed to see me, aren't you? Kiss me, Clive!"

 Elizabeth's romantic notion that the love of Lord Portenous and Lady Catherine has weathered the years is seemingly dashed when the two fight over a game of bridge with Lady Catherine leaving in tears.

 Elizabeth sees Lady Catherine and Lord Portenous cuddling on the sofa - could it be that their love has lasted?

 Arnold confronts his rival for Elizabeth's affections.


Awestruck, Elizabeth hears her husband give her calm, but firm, orders for the first time.

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