Scenes from the movie

 Ed introduces his wife, Gertie, to his sister, Nora, who has just arrived in the Canadian northwest from England.

 "Can't you do anything? You've wasted enough rice for fifty men!"

 Nora is appalled at Frank's jokes about marriage at the table, although everyone else, including her brother and the workers find the comments amusing.

Gertie demands that Nora apologize for disrespectful comments she made to her at the dinner table, and insists that she do so in front of all of the men.

 The humiliation leads Nora to ask a surprising question of Frank. "You said you needed a wife to cook and clean and sew for you. Will I do?"

 After weeks of living together, no contact and barely speaking to one another, Frank forcefully kisses Nora causing her to grab a gun from the wall and threaten to shoot him.

 Frank finally has enough of the resistance, breaks in the bedroom door and "takes" his wife.

 Nora slips away the next day on foot, but doesn't get far. She's tired, injures her ankle and faints on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Frank finds her and brings her back. When she awakes, he loads the rifle (which wasn't loaded when she had previously threatened to shoot him), brings it in the bedroom and tells her, "It's loaded now."

 Nora receives her inheritance of 500 pounds from her aunt's estate. Frank figures she will now return to England since she has the money to do so.

 Frank reluctantly tells her, "That check will pay your passage - and then some." And then getting the marriage certificate from a drawer, he hands it go her. "You'll need the marriage certificate to get your divorce." "You want me to go?" she asks. He tells her, "You'll be happier there."


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