Scenes from the movie

 The young Adele finds the note from her husband telling her he's leaving her. "Adele, I am leaving you to your career and your admirers. Our son will never know the kind of a mother he had. - Fabio."

 Marie and Paul meet for the first time, but she retains her mystery when he asks for her name. "Names mean so little - it's just a rainy night, that's all."

 Adele brings her manager, Penelli, up to see the resemblance of Marie to her when she was young.

When all the others leave the restaurant and Adele (Marie) is stuck with the Count, she notices Paul across the room and pretends he is supposed to escort her home. Paul is happy to go along with the pretense, of course.

 Count: "Merlin? The name is familiar - I knew a Merlin years ago - a - Fabio Merlin -"
Paul: "Why, he was my father!"
Count: "Strange that Madame does not remember the name of Merlin."

 "If you're sixty, I'm a hundred and sixty!" Paul tells Adele (Marie)

 At a party, Paul discovers the real Adele in another room. Thinking her to be the housekeeper, he brings her some snacks from the party - not realizing this is his mother -- and she does not realize this is her son.

 The Count implies that he was romantically involved with Paul mother, and Paul slaps him with his gloves and says, "That's a damn lie!" The Count then challenges Paul to a duel.

 "A duel? The Count will kill him!"

 Adele is finally reunited with her son.

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