Scenes from the movie

 "Dr. Juttner will be your tutor. He will instruct you in etiquette, obligation, duty, demeanour, and formality," Karl's father tells him.

 "Well, Boy, your studies are finished. I'm no longer needed here," says Juttner.

But Karl tells him, "You and I are going to stick together."

 "I'll always be at your service, Your Highness. When you want me, ring the bell -- and when the bell doesn't work, just call me," Kathi tells him.

"Don't call me Highness" -- say Karl Heinrich --

 "I can't help it if you are a prince, Karl Heinrich -- I love you."

When the King falls ill, Karl is told, "Therefore, I must ask Your Royal Highness to return to Karlsburg at once to assume the reins of government."

 "Don't be downhearted, Kathi -- the King will soon be well, and I'll be back --"

 "Kathi? She is still waiting for you."

 "You see, Karl Heinrich, it never could have been any different. You'll marry, and I'll marry -- and we'll both be quite happy."

 Watching the wedding parade, an old woman says to her husband, "It must be wonderful to be a King!"

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