Scenes from the Movie

  Betty confesses to"Blue Streak" and Chuck that her Comet automobile dealership is "in the red."

 Hiram Smith growls, "You may be a great race car driver, Billings, but the only way you'll make that car go is to ship it by freight!"

 While on the front porch swing, Judd slips some itching powder on "Blue Streak's" cushions. Betty wonders what all the contortions are for.

  "Blue Streak" and Chuck celebrate after a successful run of "The Speed Spook" through town. Notice the hidden compartment for the driver.

 "Blue Streak" slipped in some humorous slides in place of Hiram Smith's at the political rally and everyone has a good laugh!

  "Blue Streak" breaks in on Judd while he's printing the illegal ballots, and the fight begins.

 "Blue Streak" commandeers a tank to break out of the old arsenal where Judd had him captive. He looks back at the brick wall he just crashed through.

  All's well that ends well - even if it rains on you!

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