Scenes from the Movie


 Ulysses tells Toni and "Uncle" Caragol that he is giving up his ship and the sea for the sake of his son.

 Ulysses' wife, Doña Cinta, is overjoyed that he is giving up the sea. However, Toni will arrive shortly with news that war has broken out making it possible for anyone with a freighter to get rich. Ulysses returns to the sea.

Ulysses meets Freya and Dr. Fedelmann for the first time while on holiday in Pompeii.

Ulysses sees the goddess of the sea, Amphitrite, in Freya and falls in love with her, neglecting his home and his ship.

Because of his love for Freya, Ulysses is convinced to help the Germans. However, when he realizes he is helping a U-boat refuel, he becomes concerned about his decision. Count Kaledine introduces him to the grinning U-boat captain.

 Esteban searches in vain for his father.

 Ulysses hears a survivor tell how his son, Esteban, was killed in a U-boat attack on a passenger ship.

 Freya knows she has been betrayed by Dr. Fedelmann to the French and begs Ulysses to take her away. Ulysses, however blames her for his son's death and reluctantly tears himself away.

 Ulysses exposes Kaledine as a spy shouting, "You killed my son!"

Freya prepares to be executed.

 Ulysses turns his ship over to the service of the French. On their first voyage, they are sunk by the same U-boat that killed his son. However, before his ship goes down, Ulysses blasts the U-boat.

 In a beautiful final scene, Ulysses goes to his watery grave, but as he sinks into the deep, he falls into the arms of Freya/Amphitrite.

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