Bob Peet is the only person from the mainland Jeremiah will permit to visit their home for fear someone will take Captain January away.


 Jeremiah's one enemy, George Maxwell, and some orphanage ladies try to convince the local minister that Captain January should be taken away from Jeremiah.


 Jeremiah catches Maxwell and the ladies trying to steal Captain January away and orders Maxwell to put her down.


  Jeremiah tells Captain January that she should go live with her aunt and uncle.


  The Mortons, the little girl's aunt and uncle.


  Jeremiah takes Captain January to the Mortons' yacht and leaves her. When she realizes he's gone, she begs him to come back.


  She stows away on Bob Peet's boat to get back home to her Daddy Judkins (Jeremiah).


  The Mortons agree to let Jeremiah come live with them, too, and he and Captain January are finally able to realize their dream of sailing the seven seas.

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