Dan is supposed to be removing something from Lee's eye, but he seems to have something else in mind.


 "Bull" comforts Lee after her father has been killed.


 Layne laughs when Millie says they can be married now because a preacher has come to town.


  Layne tries to win favor with Lee.


  Dan thinks Lee has come up behind him to hold him in her arms. He doesn't know it's Lily, the dance hall girl, or that Lee is about to catch him, either!


  Dan rescues Lee from the burning church after Layne's men set it afire during a prayer meeting.


 On her death bed, Millie tells "Bull" it is Layne who "led her astray."


  The land rush begins!


  "I've been waitin' for you, Hunter - an' now - - "


 Mr. and Mrs. Dan O'Malley and little "Bull" O'Malley.

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