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by Roberta E. Pearson (University of California Press, 1992) 184 pages

6" by 9" paperback

condition: excellent, like new

Notes: Very informative and interesting book about how D.W. Griffith changed the old "histrionic" style of movie acting to something more natural - basically defining what movie acting should be. Covering the Biograph films from 1908 - 1913, the book has chapters on "The Histrionic and Verisimilar Codes in the Biograph Films," "Performance Style and the Interaction of Signifying Practices," "D.W. Griffith and the Biograph Company," "Henry B. Walthall," "Trade Press Discourse," and more. Many photos.

Price: originally $10.00 - On Sale $5.00

Order no. 101-1


by Al P. Nelson and Mel R. Jones (Cooper Square Press, 2000) 254 pages

6 1/8" by 9 1/" hardback

dustjacket condition - brand new

book condition: brand new

Notes: If you're interesteed in the Triangle Film Corporation and all the movie history that surrounds it during the 'teens - D.W. Griffith, "The Birth of a Nation," Keystone, Mack Sennett, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, the Gish Sisters - or if you just want one of the best books on cinema history during that period - this is it. Absorbing, well written, and a very moving story about the Aitken brothers astounding rise and creation of a dynasty and their fall. Several pages of rare glossy photos.

Price: originally $15.00 - On Sale $8.00

Order no. 102-3


by Robert Dance and Bruce Robertson (University of California Press, 2002) 285 pages

8" X 10" paperback

book condition: brand new

Notes: Ruth Harriet Louise - who is that? One look at this book, and you'll want to know more about this super-talented photographer. We've all heard the names of the famous photographers of the silent era - Evans, Witzel, Bull, Steichen and others - but take one look at this book, and you'll see that MGM staff photographer Louise deserves her place in history. Her photos of Garbo alone may possibly be the best ever taken, and the other photos in this book - Blanche Sweet, Mae Murray, William Haines, Vilma Banky, Marion Davies, Renee Adoree, Ramon Novarro, John Gilbert, Lon Chaney, Lillian Gish and a host of others - ain't bad, either. Louise served at MGM from 1925 to 1930 took about 100,000 negatives during that six-year period, and our greatest misfortune is that this book contains only 100 of those - but these 100 are superb! Art dealer Robert Dance and University of California professor Bruce Robertson provide an aborbing text, too, that not only delves deeply into the life of Ruth Harriet Louise, but also talk about methods of other photographers and discuss fan culture of the period, as well as background on the photos included in the text. One particularly interesting chapter is strictly on photographing Garbo. Some of the other chapters are entitled "The Publicity Department and the Fan," "What Is a Star?," "Looking at Men" (Novarro, Gilbert, Haines and Johnny Mack Brown), "Telling Stories" (Gish, Chaney, Keaton, Dressler), "Queens of the Lot" (Shearer, Davies, Crawford) and more. A perfect marriage of stunning photographs and absorbing reading that gives us a unique silent era chapter and keepsake that no fan of the era would want to be without.

Price: originally $25.00 - On Sale $15.00

Order no. 103-1


By Sabine Hake (Princeton University Press, 1992) 215 pages

6 1/4" by 9 1/2" hardback

book condition: brand new

dustjacket condition: nice, laminated homemade jacket - not the original

Notes: Excellent overview Lubitsch's early films - chapters on "The German Feature Films 1918-1922," "Hollywood - the Silent Films 1923-1929," "American Sound Films 1929-1932," and more - covers such films as "So This Is Paris," "Passion," "The Marriage Circle" and more.

Price: originally $12.00 - On Sale $6.00

Order no. 104-1


by Diana Serra Cary (The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2003) 269 pages

5 3/4" x 9 3/4" hardback

book condition: brand new

dustjacket condition: no dustjacket issued with book

Notes: Finally, a biography on Jackie Coogan and an excellent one, too! Diana Serra Cary is the former Baby Peggy of silent film fame and knew Jackie and his family personally. She gives some insights and personal anecdotes that no other writer could give. The book is comprehensive detailing the problems Jackie encountered in his life without being sensational or focusing unduly on the negative. Honest assessment of his film career, and a very straightforward account of his life. Cary's style is engrossing and enjoyable. Lots of rare photos, too. A must have!

Price: originally $28.00 - On Sale $18.00

Order no. 105-6


by David Robinson (McGraw-Hill Book Company 1985) 792 pages

6 1/2" by 9 1/4" hardback

book condition: brand new

dustjacket condtion: brand new

Notes: At a huge 792 pages, the largest and best biography ever written. By esteemed silent film historian David Robinson. 80 pages of rare photographs.

Price: originally $25.00 - On Sale $18.00

Order no. 106-1



by May Reeves and Claire Goll - translation , editing and introduction by Constance Brown Kuriyama (McFarland & Company, 2001) 151 pages

5 5/8" x 8 3/4" hardback

book condition: brand new

dustjacket condition: not issued with a dustjacket

Notes: This is a memoir by famous French actress and dancer May Reeves' covering her relationship with Chaplin during his 1931-1932 vacation in Europe. Constance Brown Kuriyama has translated Reeves' original publication into English. The book includes an introduction, and a translation of reminiscences by Chaplin's press agent, Carlyle T. Robinson. Retails for $32.

Price: originally $14.00 - On Sale $7.00

Order no. 107-1



by Nancy Allen (Frederick Unger Publishing Company, 1979) 194 pages

6 1/2" x 9 1/2" hardback

book condition: like new

dustjacket condition: like new

Notes: A must have for the film historian and researcher. This book gives insight into collections and sources the film researcher may never have realized existed. Chapters include "Collection Development - Restrospective" (listing many publications to help find collections, "Film Study and its Evolation," "Selecting Periodicals," "Major U.S. Archives," "Reference Services," "Survey of Film Studies Libraries," and more!

Price: originally $8.00 - On Sale $4.00

Order no. 108-1


by Diana Serra Cary (University of Oklahoma Press, 1995) 276 pages

6" x 9" paperback

book condition: new, unused

dustjacket condition: new, unused

Notes: Diana Serra Cary, the former Baby Peggy from the silent movie days, provides a great history of the cowboys who did stunt work, served as supporting players and provided other services to the movies. These are not the "reel" cowboys, but the "real" cowboys who found work in Hollywood when the glory days of the west were coming to an end. And Cary has a unique, personal perspective on this history - not only because she was there - but her father was one of these cowboys.

Price: originally $10.00 - On Sale $7.00

Order no. 109-1


by Iris Barry (Museum of Modern Art, orig. pub. 1940) 40 pages

7 5/8" by 10 1/4" hardback with illustrated cover

book condition: brand new sealed in shrink wrap

Notes: Originally published in 1940, this was the first in a monograph series conceived by the Museum of Modern Art's founding film curator, Iris Barry, to provide historical and aesthetic perspective on key film collections in the Museum's care. World War II ended this series of books just as it was beginning, making instant collector's items of the original limited editions. The present facsimile edition makes the sought-after publication again available to fans and scholars of the silent film. Dozens of great photos.

Price: originally $10.00 - On Sale $5.00

Order no. 110-4

Books 1-10

Books 11-20

Books 21-30

Books 31-40

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