Starring Richard Arlen and Louise Brooks
January, 1929

A nice little picture that is both amusing and touching has been made from Jim Tully's story. It concerns a girl who murders a man in self-defense and escapes, in boy's clothes, with a young hobo she picks up. The story is simply the events of their journey into safe territory, and the awakening of their love. There are some colorful and exciting scenes of hoboes in their "jungle," and in a box car. Nobody knows why the booy is a tramp or where he got his fine instincts, but it doesn't really matter very much. He is played with great sincerity by Richard Arlen. Louise Brooks is cute in her little trousers, and not so cute in the final feminine sun bonnet. Wallace Beery, just recently delivered from many successful comedies, is excellent. This is rough, romantic, tender, dramatic, and very good indeed.

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